Wholetones Healing Music Review

Product Name: Wholetones

Author Name: Michael Tyrrell

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Wholetones is a critically-acclaimed product which specifically uses music to induce a variety of beneficial effects to the listeners. We all know the universal impact of music on our daily lives. Music has the power to enormously influence our lives. Because of this reason, we all listen to it to create positive effects on our disposition and to set the mood for any occasion or event. We listen to the appropriate music when we want to motivate ourselves. Moreover, we listen to the right music to help us relax and be refreshed after a long day of hard work. The mood of different festivities is amplified through the type of music that is played in the background while we celebrate them with our friends and loved ones. Aside of these obvious ways on how music greatly affects our daily lives, there are still some benefits that are unknown to most of us.

The impact of Music:

Music affects us both physically and mentally. For example, music is scientifically proven to promote certain hormones in the body. Hormones play a vital role in managing some specific organs as well as the whole system of the human body. Some music has been found to be helpful in boosting the levels of the hormone endorphin in our bodies. Endorphin is a hormone responsible for the feeling of relaxation and contentment. It also lowers the feeling of pain throughout the body. This hormone generally promotes a stronger and more potent immune system which promotes the body’s natural way of fighting diseases. It also helps in the regulation and control of appetite, which is a great help for people who would want to manage their body weight.

There are different frequencies that have been widely proven to help promote both the physical and the mental well-being of listeners. There are some frequencies that specifically promote a sense of calm and relaxation, the release of pent-up stress, the relief from the suffering of pain, the feeling of self-awareness, the overall sense of focus which generally increases productivity, and so much more. These frequencies influence our minds to experience different states that promote the beneficial effects on our body’s overall well-being.

Considering the wonderful world of music and how it greatly influences and affects our lives, a certain individual made a revolutionary breakthrough. He created his own kind of music which is specifically tuned to certain frequencies. These frequencies have a direct benefit to the bodies and the minds of its listeners in a myriad of ways. Let us look at Wholetones in a more detailed way so that you get a chance to know the benefits offered by the product for you and your loved ones.

About The Author:

Michael S. Tyrell is the creator of this amazing Wholetones. He is an impressive religious individual who has definitely touched the lives of a number of people. This is due to the way he kindly and lovingly treats those around him. Michael started his journey with music at the age of ten. He has taken lessons for classical guitar. He once moved away from the right path because of cocaine. As a result, it disconnected him from his faith and at some point, he even considered taking his own life. After failing to do it, he turned himself around and ultimately reformed his life through music. He now has an agency which is called “The Network Center.”


What Comes with Wholetones?

Wholetones is comprised of a set of unique and distinct songs that are created using the Healing Frequencies. These frequencies are believed to have been passed down to King David by God himself, according to the creator of Wholetones. King David was known in early biblical texts for his specific type of music. King David’s music provided a general sense of peace as well as restoration to his audience. This can be attributed to the fact that the King played his music in a different key which was different from the ones used by the common harp players during his time. The creator of the songs of Wholetones believes that music was played at the frequency of 444 hertz. It may sound unbelievable, but you will surely experience the full benefits of this music frequency. However, the theory behind its effectiveness is absolutely unnecessary for you to enjoy its benefits.

The effects of these songs are attributed to the binaural beats and the Healing Frequencies they have been created from. In this package, you will receive seven different songs that are made with distinct Healing Frequencies. These frequencies range from 396 Hertz up to 852 Hertz. The songs that come with the package are readily available for downloading. You get seven unique CDs which focus on seven unique areas and effects in your body.

  • First Song: Helps promote healing and the optimal functions of our organs.
  • Second Song: Helps promote energy and the sense of creativity. It also promotes good digestion.
  • Third Song: Promotes relief from stress by its soothing and calming nature.
  • Fourth Song: Promotes the general health of the human body’s cells and their different functions.
  • The fifth Song: Creates a suitable atmosphere for the development of critical emotions, such as the feeling of contentment and forgiveness. It is also beneficial for the improvement of the general disposition and outlook of life.
  • Sixth Song: Promotes spiritual and emotional healing during the times of need and vulnerability. It is also directed to the improvement of the immune system’s overall function.
  • Seventh Song: Promotes a spiritual atmosphere for meditation and reflection.

Along with these seven songs, you will also get the Wholetones book. It is titled as “Wholetones: The Sound of Healing” and is composed of 91 pages. This book can help the listeners know themselves better and discover the unique potential hidden inside their personalities. The book also explains the unique Healing Frequencies and instructs the listeners on how to properly use the music for their specific benefits and purposes. You will also be taught how to play for yourself these Healing Frequencies found in the Wholetones package.


Who Can Benefit From This?

Wholetones is definitely for everyone. People who want to have better health conditions can definitely benefit well from this product. The songs are created to positively affect both the mind and the body, thus promoting an improved state of health and well-being.

There are some people who might be the skeptic at first because of the unconventional approach of this unique healing product. It can also be dismissed as just another scam by some people. Others may think that as they are skeptical about the whole concept and idea of the product, they would not be able to fully experience the benefits of Wholetones on their health and state of mind.

To get these things out of the way and address these concerns, you will need to learn the truth. The fact is that you really do not have to believe in the product entirely for you and your loved ones to experience the holistic approach of the Healing Frequencies. What is needed is a firm belief in the great influence of music and sound in the affairs of your body and your mind. Just try to think of different ways music has touched and made a significant impact in your life. This will help you open yourself up to the holistic healing that is provided by the product.

The Benefits of Wholetones:

  • Effortless healing through listening to the music.
  • An increase in energy levels.
  • Enhanced metabolism, digestion, and pain-relief.
  • Promotes productivity and creativity.
  • Feeling of emotional stability and maturity.
  • All songs are available in CDs and also in downloadable forms.
  • 100% guarantee of refund after 3 months from purchase if no positive results are experienced.


Wholetones is made up of seven fantastic songs which are aimed to promote better health, better well-being, and sound body and mind. Listen to the sample tracks and get a glimpse of different beneficial effects the music can give you. However, if you skeptical about the effects of the music you are listening to, you will definitely hinder them. An open heart and mind to the wonderful effects of music in general rather than on the specific product is more than enough for most people to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful product. Negative thoughts and skepticism regarding music and its obvious effects are destructive and will definitely dampen your healing experience. Being closed to the idea of music is detrimental to your entire well-being.

However, if you have never felt the affects you expected to experience and thus you are unhappy about the purchase, there is a money-back guarantee for you. You can return the product within three months of purchase to get your money back. However, I implore you to read the book while listening to the songs so that you can fully enjoy the wonderful experience that Wholetones can provide you and your loved ones.

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