The TradeMate Review

Product Name: The TradeMate

Product Author: Evatac

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At the survival situations, the survival gear meets your basic requirements first. The right gear in your bag helps in literally saving your life. You’re always recommended to carry a portable survival gear at all times in the wilderness. No matter whether you’re bugging out or just sheltering in a place. Are you going on an adventure? If you are a regular weekend warrior searching for a right survival gear? Then, you’re in the right place! This review reveals about a 12 in 1 tool in which the features will make you so amazed. So pay close attention to this review until the end. The TradeMate is the #1 heavy duty 12 in 1 tool which has everything you need for placing yourself in the worst conditions. It is the smart survival tool that contains many pieces of gear where you could easily replace everything in a single tool box. This product includes multi tools which are the perfect survival gear that helps in saving your life.

What is The TradeMate?

The TradeMate is the 12 in 1 heavy duty tool that contains everything you need in a single tool box. This 12 in 1 multi will become your go to tool for all jobs. This survival tool by Evatac is perfect for the home handyman and with the great addition of any bug out bag or with a complete disaster kit. It is a solid stainless steel multi tool which has everything you need in one compact, well-crafted design. This product has unique 12 features in one compact which has heavy duty design is a tool where everyone should own. The TradeMate is highly durable for anyone and is very useful where it also looks the part with brushed stainless and real wood panel inserts. It is the most impressive piece of gear which could be easily replaced everything in the tool box. This product comes with 12 features in one single compact heavy duty design.

The TradeMate Includes:

  • Hammer
  • Axe
  • Multi grip
  • Knife
  • Bottle opener
  • 4 x Hex grips
  • Wedge
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Double edge wood saw
  • File
  • Serrated blade
  • Flat head screwdriver

How Will The TradeMate Be Helpful?

The TradeMate is the multi tool that has 12 features which are highly durable and useful for anyone. It looks like the part with the brushed stainless and real wood panels that act as a perfect handy tool for all the home owners. It has a great addition for anyone which can be kept easily in the bug out bags. This excellent tool easily fits in your hand and could save your life. It is an essential tool for any journey where it is the vital piece of survival gear for handling anything in your survival situations. It is incredibly useful in many ways where you can end up saving your life. With this survival multi tool, you can experience more adventures with the help of this tool where it takes up very little space in your back bag.

What Will You Get Inside The TradeMate?

  • 30 Day Survival Training- This product provides you with the ultimate 30-day bug out essential guide for free. In which it covers everything you need in the surviving situations. It includes shelter, fire, food, water, self-defense and much more. This guide offered free with your rescue card today.
  • Wild Scavenger Training- This guide helps in providing you with the necessary information about how to live off the land to survive in any situations. It is so helpful when you are out in the adventures of wilderness where there are many things you must know at the survival.
  • Plan B Defense Training- Along with The TradeMate, you are offered with the self-defense guide that shows you how to get protected yourself when you’re attacked. The moves and techniques given in this handbook are so helpful where everyone should use as a last resort to save your life.


  • The TradeMate is the ultimate survival multi tool you always needed.
  • This product is perfect for bug out bags and roadside emergencies.
  • It is the best survival gear you’ve ever seen.
  • This product is a solid stainless steel multi tool
  • It is one small well-crafted design tool for survival.
  • It is highly durable and very portable.


  • We cannot purchase this product in shops or stores, but it is available in online only.


In conclusion, The TradeMate is highly recommended! This product is the best survival multi tools for survival situations. It is smaller, affordable and highly reliable with many outstanding features. It is the best product for the real time tracks of adventures far off the grid. It is a single product that comes in a compact manner of disaster preparations kit. This product also offers you with the three survival guides for free. This incredibly handy tool was helpful in many ways where you can easily carry in your bag. I’m so confident that you will love this product! Keep this product with yourself in any situations and travel with no worries. Grab your The TradeMate today and fix it to your survival backpack.

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