Product Name: The First Strike

Author Name: Todd Lamb & Ari Knazan

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Can you imagine the cost of being beaten to within an inch of your life? The hospital bills, the time away from work, not to mention the deep emotional scars… Do you know your ability to cause serious harm to the aggressor in order to protect yourself and your family is hardwired into your human genes? As a person you have instinctive reactions were passed through countless generations, designed to keep you and your loved ones are alive and well. However, the modern world calm deprived you of these valuable skills that already exist deep in your subconscious … Society puts pressure on you to back off, to act meek and turn the other cheek. It has deprived you of the right to move through the world with confidence and self-assurance. And if you do not take some simple steps to wake up the slumbering instincts, before it’s too late, you will not have access to them when violence strikes. As a man, your job is to protect. So Ari and Todd Lamb create a program for you called First Strike. This is a real fighting style became known as a militant and continues to evolve.

What is The First Strike?

The First Strike is the only 17 combat steps you will ever need for the terrible efficiency in any violent meeting each taught for 3 minutes or less. Yes … you’ll have to practice these moves a little to awaken your natural instincts. However, each of these passages clearly combats delivered within 3 minutes or less easy to understand video that can be watched at any place, even on the phone. In this tutorial, you will learn how to unlock your instinctive skills devastating violence in just a few hours – without any martial arts training. Remember that you’ll absorb these steps for several days or weeks, rather than through the years of martial arts training. And since each turn is presented in a simple and easy to understand 3-minute video, you can quickly and easily learn the system. And knowing how you have enabled an instinctive ability to unleash the deadly effective steps will give you the confidence that others can detect and that often ends an encounter before it begins…


How Does The First Strike Program Works?

The First Strike is a step by step program. Real men aren’t looking for violence… but when it comes knocking they are willing and able to make the First Strike. And the sickly predators of the world sense that and back away. Just knowing you can take care of business will inflate you with a supernatural feeling of confidence and power that will practically fill the room when you walk in. However, there are some tricks that you can use right away to increase your Alpha Dog aura of confidence and power even more!  These closely guarded techniques create a virtual shield around you and your family, and secretly teach special operators, martial artists, spies, and bodyguards for centuries.

Once you have mastered these simple tricks – everything around you will feel it. 9 times out of 10 that will be enough to stop potential attackers before they even think about making you a victim. Because let’s face it, most of these guys tend to attack easy targets … Which is why here Todd Lamb created a simple manual called Command Presence so you can quickly master the art of silent domination. The simple observation, scanning and monitoring methods in the manual Advanced Situational Awareness been thoroughly tested in the field to work, again and again, so you can avoid violence before it starts. And every skill in this easy-to-understand book will quickly become second nature, so you can keep yourself and your family safe, without even thinking about it!

What Will You Learn From The First Strike?

  • Here you will get 7 special forces locks and breaks that render any attacker “combat ineffective” in seconds…
  • Simple attack strategies to prevent any edged weapons and disarm your attacker.
  • The most unorthodox method of strikes that confused, confusing and leaves his assailant lying on the floor wondering what the hell just happened.
  • It is easy to learn of Takedown, which makes deliberate attacks against him and is likely to leave him with a face full of broken teeth.
  • Only tactics you should use in the sights of a crazy maniac intent on mass murder it means the difference between you and around you becomes a living, or end up in a pine box.
  • The given mind trick that enables you to disrupt your assailant’s thoughts before you even go hands on.
  • 3 simple strategies to quickly end the fight fast and keep you from getting your head caved in when a fight goes to the ground.



  • First strike skills
  • The art of being invisible
  • Command presence
  • Advanced situational awareness


  • The First Strike is the life changing program.
  • This is easily accomplished in life every day, and help you recover an unpleasant situation.
  • Anyone can learn and utilize these techniques, irrespective of their age.
  • Thousands of satisfied users in the country and around the world. You can read hundreds of positive comments and reviews on the Internet.
  • In addition, you will know what never do, when suddenly attacked.
  • The First Strike program comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


  • The First Strike is available in Digital Format and Not offered in Paper format.
  • You have to concentrate carefully on preparing for tragedy condition. Then only you can able to protect yourself.



Overall I highly recommended this The First Strike method for everyone. This solution is completely risk-free for you. It’s the best feeling in the word to see how quickly their excuses disappear once they see how simple and natural the First Strike system is, and how easy it is to master… So rest assured, this is guaranteed to work for you even If you’ve never lifted a weight in your life and feel you’re not strong enough to protect yourself and your family. If at any time in the next 60 days you decide the system is not for you, just send an email to author sure you get a full refund the very same day!… This is the safest decision you will ever make, So go ahead and see for yourself without any risk.


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