TecAdemics Review

TecAdemics Review

TecAdemics is a new internet marketing college designed to teach you about online entrepreneurship career. The college, developed by Chris Record aims at delivering top quality education for both online marketers and business persons.

When Chris designed this program, he had the idea in mind to provide formal education that will help entrepreneurs around the globe learn better and up to date online marketing skills and strategies. His motive was driven by the fact that no such formal education program existed and a lot of entrepreneurs were doing almost everything wrong and there was no one to assist them. I must admit that it’s like he was able to read the minds of so many entrepreneurs as I was once also stranded trying to figure out the best product for my entrepreneurial efforts.

What is TecAdemics?

Actually, TecAdemics runs in a similar manner as a university with professors and students. The only difference is that its professors are professional experts who practice what they teach. TecAdemics employs a totally different strategy unlike most of the universities around the globe.

This educational program is developed by a veteran of online businesses and internet marketing who has been in the market for a long time. He started out by building websites back in late 90s and eventually developed an SEO company that has turned out to be one of the most successful.

Later on, Record embraced marketing through social media and started training online entrepreneurs how to increase their sales by boosting traffic. It is his particular interest in educating other people that led to his move of publishing a company that focuses on educating people. And this gave rise to Internet Marketing College, now known as TecAdemics.

Why Chris Record came up with TecAdemics?

chris RecordThrough a video found on the website of the program, Record gives his explanation of the reasons why he created the program. He gives two major reasons;

First, his aim was to give the industry of online education a new structure, with the belief that most of the leading online colleges don’t deliver what’s needed in a proper manner. Second, the feeling that theirs is lack of a curriculum relating to education of online marketing.  This dearth, he explains, has led to people spending a lot of money trying to learn from those with a little bit of knowledge. The result of it is massive information which also require people to sift through, not knowing what to believe and what to ignore so as to succeed.

Most people would regard Chris Record as a genius, I included, even though he admits in this video that he is part of the problem. For that reason, he sought the science of learning and implementing what he has discovered through TecAdemics.

He first made consultations with PhD experts as well as experienced online entrepreneurs so as to come up with a curriculum which includes a learning foundation for internet marketing, financial literacy and entrepreneurship as a whole. In other words, TecAdemics runs on a curriculum just like a university, with the difference being that whatever is taught has already been put into practice and the knowledge is constantly being updated so as to deliver up to date knowledge.

TecAdemics Class Schedules:

Unlike most of the online universities and colleges, TecAdemics has a physical location in Phoenix, Arizona. As a student, you have the choice of taking the classes in person or simply attend them online. Records also says that the College is going to extend further and have campuses in different parts of the country as well as overseas.

TecAdemics also runs on a completely different schedule unlike universities. Rather than semesters lasting for months and weeks, the College only runs for sessions that last a week. The schedule is available four times in a year.

During the period that the college is in session, students will attend up to 2 classes each with about 30 hours in the course of the week. Each class day is divided into four segments each lasting for 90 minutes with breaks in between the sessions. The classes are further broken down into different lessons and or presentations that are likely to last for 10 minutes. Frequent breaks and topic changes are directed towards helping the professors cover more content while assisting students be attentive in the course of the day.

Once you are through with the classes and return to your job, you’ll be in a position to apply whatever you shall have learned in the course of the week. When you get back to the next week of classes, you’ll learn the next material in the curriculum while building on what you learnt in the previous week.

Of course you are different and don’t expect to learn at the same pace with fellow students. But at the end of 3 to 4 weeks of class attendance, you will be close to mastering internet marketing strategies. In addition to that, you’ll get the chance to interact with the expert instructors and other students in the program.

TecAdemics Products

TecAdemics has 3 different learning levels including:

  • TEC

This is the most basic and offers foundation training on internet marketing and online entrepreneurship. On learning the many advantages of TecAdemics you might be tempted to start with the next learning level, but I’d recommend starting at this level. The cost of this program level is $100 per month and you also get access to the online forum to discuss with other like-minded entrepreneurs.


This is a program level for the advanced marketers and offers introduction to different areas of online entrepreneurship and online marketing. You’ll only pay a onetime fee of $2,000.


This is suitable for the tech marketers and involve covering classes in person in Phoenix, Arizona for a period of one week at a cost of $10,000 onetime fee. In addition to that, you’ll get access to the recorded class sessions just in case you won’t make it to the live classes in Phoenix.

Internet Marketing Collage

The Affiliate Program:

When you are with TecAdemics, you’re also given a chance to earn yourself some money through their affiliate program. The affiliate program has a 40% commission amount for all sales you make, which you can divide equally with your enroller. For instance, if you sell one of the three products, you earn a commission of 20% for the first two sale of any products while your enroller gets the remaining 20%. Onwards, your enroller will get the 20% commission on every 5th sale you make after the first two product sales.

Don’t mistake TecAdemics for a network marketing or MLM company which only pays a greater percentage of the commission earned by their affiliates to top members. Irrespective of the time you got enrolled on this affiliate program, you are given an equal opportunity to earn yourself a good paycheck through your sales.

This affiliate program is completely honest and FREE. Everything is made straightforward. And since the program has a product price of up to $10,000, you have the opportunity to earn one of the highest commissions ever!

The only thing you need to earn a commission from your sales is make a product purchase yourself. This will be your qualifying sale, hence no commission earned. Alternatively, you can sell any of the 3 products to a member that you had enrolled earlier. Similarly, it’s a qualification sale so no commission is earned.

But once you are through with the qualification sales, you are now set to start earning commission form your sales. You can learn more about the affiliate program from TecAdemics official website.

And wait, that’s not all… there’s the Matching bonus also!

The Matching Bonus

TecAdemics has two types of matching bonuses, the $100,000 one and the $1,000,000 one. When you earn a total of $100,000 in affiliate commission after 3 years, you’ll be awarded a matching bonus of $100,000. This works in the same way for the $1,000,000 matching bonus. The payments are made onetime directly into your pay card. And it’s not such a difficult thing to attain. You have 36 months and you only need to earn about $2,800 every month on your affiliate program to hit the $100,000 mark!


I must admit, TecAdemics is such an enthralling idea, and Chris Record deserves a great round of applause for this concept. This is because from my own association with many other online colleges, they seem to have so many flawed ways and Chris Record seems to have successfully managed to turn around the situation.

At TecAdemics, teaching up to date internet marketing strategies by experts which are also good at practicing what they teach is the order of the day. The thought of formally teaching concepts and strategies of internet marketing is a great move in the industry since for a very long time, it hasn’t been in the market. The ideas behind this college have great potential that any online entrepreneur should give a try.


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