Magia Sponge Review

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Magia Sponge Review

Are you losing half your bottle of foundation to your makeup sponge? Is your makeup sponge soak up all your foundation? If you want to have a makeup jelly sponge without wasting any of your valuable products? Are you ready to get flawless looking makeup? Here, Magia Sponge is all you needed! Magia Sponge is a revolutionary silicone sponge which is the most satisfying object in the world. It is the silicone sponge designed in the way of the latest craze in the beauty world. It helps in maintaining your skin health properly without any side effects. This product had been already used by thousands of women all around the globe where you can take complete control over your skin. It is made up of full flexibility where it is absolutely oil free and grease resistant material which is formed of silicone. It will never soak up the makeup and your product like any other brushes and sponges.

What is the Magia Sponge?

Magia Sponge is the ultimate miracle makeup silicone sponge which had already used by more than 80,000 satisfied customers. It is made with the exclusive material in which is so easy to clean with soap and warm water. This revolutionary new beauty tool helps in switching you to apply makeup as makeup professionals. It is environmentally friendly where the sponge is washable and last for over the years. This sponge also helps you to save thousands of dollars by without buying any sponges that are thrown away each day in a month. Magia Sponge is an only sponge which can be used for one year that is based on the usage. It creates perfect blending that makes your makeup look smooth and perfectly blended at every time. This sponge is ideal for any kinds of creams, foundations, lotions and much more. It is better than original beauty blenders that make your skin flawless. It is environmentally friendly and helps in saving your more money where no longer need to purchase some new makeup sponges.

How Does Magia Sponge Works?

Magia Sponge is the silicon sponge which is so tiny that helps in blending your makeup effectively. This sponge doesn’t absorb anything in which it comes with zero product absorption. With this sponge, you can apply your makeup easily smoother to make contouring and blending like a breeze. It is the perfect tool for foundation, concealer or brush. It is so easy to use in which it eliminates the makeup waste. Magia Sponge is made up of silicone where inside thermoplastic and outside polyurethane. The material utilized in this Sponges is nonporous where it allows you to minimal product waste. Below are the steps that show you how to use Magia Sponge:

  • Step 1: No need of rubbing it on your skin and don’t rub in circles and press into your skin. You should make use of the flat side of the sponge. Not to use the rounded aspect of the sponges where it will also make it more comfortable to hold.
  • Step 2: You should repeatedly tap to blend and settle where all you need to pay attention to edges. Fold to create a point and keep the sides in the sponge for a detail and point applications.
  • Step 3: Rubbing the makeup circle will smear and creates streaks on your face rather than creating a flawless look. All you have to repeat and build coverage as always needed.
  • Step 4: After using the sponge you need to simply quick rinse with soap and with water where you can dry between uses.

What Are The Benefits You Get By Using Magia Sponge?

  • Magia Sponge will never soak up any makeup like any other sponges and brushes.
  • It is made up of with full flexible oil and grease resistant material which can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • This silicone sponge is non-absorbent in which it will adhere to your face, not the sponge.
  • Your fingers will be very clean, and it is absolutely makeup free.
  • This product helps you by preventing breakouts that formed from rubbing your fingers to your face.
  • You can also use this sponge for bronzer, concealer, blush, and what you need for blending or bluffing.
  • You will find how to take control over your skin health issues with the user-friendly tips.

Magia Sponge Review


  • It is the perfect sponge for applying makeup without any wastage.
  • This Silicone Sponge is so simple to use.
  • It won’t soak up any additional amounts of expensive products.
  • You can easily clean with water and soap.
  • It is made up of premium silicone material.
  • Your makeup will be done very smooth and perfectly blended.
  • Magia Sponge will save your time and money.


  • Magia Sponge can’t be used with powder makeup.
  • It is available online only. Without the internet connection, you cannot access to this product.

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In conclusion, Magia Sponge is highly recommended! It is the easy to use and simple for amateurs to have flawless results with your makeup. This silicone sponge is suitable for all skin types and makes your skin look so smooth and flawless. The soft and flexible design works at your comfort zone which is so useful in applying makeup. It can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and warm water. This silicone beauty sponge that works perfectly with all types of creams and lotions. It is made with nonlatex materials which help in reducing allergies. So, it is environmentally friendly. Try Magia Sponge today and keep your skin flawless than ever before!

Magia Sponge reviews scam

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