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I must not be the only one who was surprised by the rumors that were circulating last year on the Internet. Those rumors were about an upcoming doom on the US dollar. Sites like this one talked about the downfall that was to come as a result of the accumulated debt that we, as Americans, have accumulated over the years. Unfortunately, our leaders had no solution at hand to solve this problem. Forbes even employed some of their staff to check the rumors and explain what was the whole situation of the US dollar. They also explored the possibilities of the collapsing of the dollar in October 2015, as the rumors stated. I patiently waited to hear about this in the news but heard nothing. So I waited for October to come. Well, it did and then passed, but nothing major happened with the US dollar, much to my relief.

The way I got the book: Surviving the Final Bubble

This year, I heard about the economic downfall again. This time, it was not from the online rumor mills, but from the man himself, Donald Trump. In an interview with the Washington Post, he mentioned about an upcoming recession that would hit America. This remembered me the US dollar downfall rumors back in 2015. Back then, people made suggestions on how you could cash in on the coming meltdown and after October, I forgot about all of these. You might not be a big fan of Donald Trump, but as many people are also worried about an upcoming recession and dollar downfall, it would be best to prepare ourselves should these things finally happen. The great recession of 2007-2009 was quite a shock to the world and I never wanted to go through the same thing again unprepared.

While searching online for some of the suggestions offered in 2015 on how to survive or cash in on the dollar collapse, I came across Surviving the Final Bubble by Charles Hayek, an economics professor who is now retired. I checked out the contents and found that much of the survival opinions given back in 2015 are very much in line with what is discussed in this book considering that the author based his content from an economist point of view. Some of the great points discussed in his book would not be easily found without making a thorough research on the subject of economics.


Best Picks of Surviving The Final Buble:

The author gives his insights into the above-mentioned topics with real-life stories that can be easily related to, making it easy for you to understand the material. You can also learn how you should keep yourself and your family not just safe but also sane by dealing with stress and depression that come when the hard times hit. I find this book to be pretty valuable. You will get valuable lessons on how to maintain your hygiene in thick times, thus keeping diseases away as these can wreck more havoc in an already bad situation. You will also learn how to stay clear of the impending bank derivatives. What’s more, you will get two bonus guides: the Survival Mindset and the Secrets to Sanitization after SHTF.

Surviving the Final Bubble – The Contents

The contents are based on topics that are wide and that cover your net worth, your assets as well as some survival tactics that you can use.

  • Chapter 1 – This chapter describes three particular assets that are not necessary for you to report to the IRS. This is considered to be necessary, as the impending recession might mean the government would encroach on people’s assets. I read this online in 2015 and am reading this again in 2016. There are also three tips on how to keep your wealth outside the US.
  • Chapter 2 – This chapter opens up the secrets of the silver market. Here, you are advised on why you should own silver and how you must invest in it in a better way. There were some suggestions regarding investing in gold from my previous researchers in 2015, but this definitely was another option I wanted to explore in detail.
  • Chapter 3 – It highlights the most valuable asset to have in times of crisis, such as the impending recession.
  • Chapter 4 – Takes a look at your action plan when the day finally arrives.
  • Chapter 5 – Talks on how you can increase your net worth. Some of the possibilities explored include investing in other currencies aside of the US dollar, buying gold (there it is!), precious metals, barter trade among other options that are currently in minimal use.
  • Chapter 6 – It delves into how you should prepare yourself for the economic meltdown. It includes tips on the changes you should make in your life, what you should pile up for survival and what to learn before the final day dawns.
  • Chapter 7 – Looks at some survival skills that will be necessary to have when the day finally arrives. These include adjusting to the unglamorous life spent outdoors and the challenge you might face with finding food as well as cleaning water to drink.
  • Chapter 8 – Tackles the hard part of preparing seniors and children for the hit.
  • Chapter 9 – Delves into first aid; how and when to give it.
  • Chapter 10 – Gives tips on how to survive in the wilderness (I am not sure if things will be this bad).
  • Chapter 11 – Prepares you to adapt to the new life the post-financial Armageddon.
  • Chapter 12 – Seeks to help you become valuable in your community. It emphasizes on how you can bring your community together and take on the leadership role that will help you become a valuable person in your community.
  • Chapter 13 – Looks at the end of the world in terms of the Bible’s point of view (people always listen to the God’s words in times of crisis). It talks about the prophecies that were there before, that have already been fulfilled and that are yet to be fulfilled. You may not be familiar with the bible, but reading the given scriptures will help you understand why this is happening, what to expect in future as well as tips on how to prepare for such times. You may not be familiar with the bible, but reading the given scriptures will help you understand why this is happening. It explains what to expect in future and gives tips on how to prepare for such times.
  • Chapter 14 – Introduces us to the barter way of trading. It gives hints on how you can trade your skills and how trading can help you earn some money.
  • Chapter 15 – Concludes the whole book.


From the list of the book’s contents, you can accurately predict that what is here is quite heavy stuff. You will need to prepare yourself to read this book as well as think of how the changes mentioned there will be met. From the look of it, the book makes it seem like the times ahead will be very dark. We’ve been through dark times, given that recessions have hit America since the 1800s, but getting yourself ready is surely something sensible to do.

I have not yet completed reading the book, as it is quite a big volume. However, I can say that this book is a must for all of us and not just the people in America. It is a well-known fact that much of the trade in the world is done using the US dollar. If the economy falls, the dollar will probably be hit as well. This will affect not just the US but also all other countries that use the dollar for their trading. I don’t know how far-reaching the effects will be on these nations. But one thing is for sure, you need to be prepared.


In 2015, I ignored the rumors when October came and passed. But this year, I’m not going to ignore them. Reading this book early enough will help me prepare for the doom day when it comes. What if it doesn’t come? The insights shared in the book are quite an eye opener on how to prepare for a financial crisis which can be applied to most of the financial situations we face today. Also, just think of the difficult financial times that have hit the US in the past. Who was there to see if you and your family were well fed, safe and had enough money to get through the tough times? I bet that it was only you and your family. When tough times hit, you would probably be left on your own to device up ways of making it through. You should, therefore, not ignore the fact that when this coming financial doom hits, you would be on your own again. The book is available only in digital format and you can get it for about $22 depending on where you buy it.


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