Shopified App Review

Product Name: Shopified App

Have you ever frustrated with moving products from Aliexpress to your Shopify store? Are you ready to start the Shopify drop shipping business in ten seconds? If you are looking for the best tool to run the drop shipping business on Shopify, Shopified App is the perfect choice for you. Shopified App is the app that automates your Shopify drop shipping business. With more than 7000 new users, 371,789 products added, 1,169,639 orders satisfied and over 5,920 stores, see how Shopified App makes the drop shipping much better. This app will change your Shopify store into the well-oiled machine.

What is the Shopified App?

Shopified App is the most significant app for any Shopify Store owner. With that automation includes precision and decrease errors. It will free you or your VA from the drudge of the time-consuming, and mind-numbing repetitive tasks. You can find and also add products: 5 Stars, Fulfilling orders: 5 Stars, Customer Service automation: 5 Stars…and the list goes on. This is the only backbone of the eCommerce business. Just imagine that uploading hundreds of the product images, titles manually, description. With this Shopified App, that’s simple; you can automate your satisfaction process. This app will simplify all of the grunt work of the managing this Shopify store. It will automate finding and also adding products to the store while also note vendor ratings and the shipping methods provided through searches. Every product can be organized into the boards within the Shopified App for the convenient reference.

How Does Shopified App Works?

Shopified App is the complete system that automates the major part of your business. will automate your drop shipping business and help you to scale larger than ever before. This is simple to understand and use with high time saver, where before Shopified App it may take just 10-20 mins to add the one product with all the necessary information product and variables. This service provides an an-indepth overview of the many of the app’s time-saving features. This is so simple to add the products on your Shopify Store to join the products which have been already existing in your store when you begin to use it.

This automates almost every process of the drop shipping business from the finding and picking products to add them to your store and even more auto satisfy your order. Anyone can use this Shopify to sell the e-commerce products. This app will save your valuable time by 100x in terms of the uploading your products and also be fulfilling your orders. With the various product suppliers, it will make scaling your business fast and simple process. You can also get the top recommended products that are presently being ordered. It is easy to use and also save tons of time. This app will make adding products and satisfying orders so you can spare time targeting on what makes you more money.

What Are The Features Of Shopified App?

  • Add Products to Shopify with 1-Click: It is the user-friendly Chrome extension that easy to use. It helps you to pull the products from Ailexpress or Alibaba and also place them in your store with just one click of the button.
  • Find ePacket Products With No Effort: Here you can easily find the ePacket products without any effort. It will save your time as you are searching for the products to fill on your store.
  • Product Boards: Shopified App will help you to add the hundreds of the products and organize them all into the boards of your chosen niches.
  • Auto Price Multiplier: This app will populate the price for you automatically. Here you can choose to end every prices .97 or any .93.
  • Image Extractor: It will scan the page and also extract each product image and variant image, that contains all the images in the product description. Right now, you can easily click and chose which images you have like to use.
  • Easy Variant Setup: It will add-on handles within one click. This means that you need to create the variant manually in this Shopify and also upload the image for every variant.
  • US Products Database: It will help you to get access the list more than 10,000 products that ship from the US. Right now, you can easily get products to your clients in few days.
  • Easy To Follow Training: It is the step-by-step training that automates your drop shipping business. It will setup Shopified App for your store.
  • 1-Click Ordering: It will eliminate the need to go back. Also worth trying to copy and paste customer info. Right now you can satisfy an order within 1 simple click.


  • Shopified App is easier and faster the process of your clients.
  • This app will constantly work in the background to check your orders for the tracking updates.
  • It will allow you to manage the unlimited number of the stories from the one platform.
  • Here you can make full control of which stores they can manage and what the features they have access to, providing you with the peace of mind you want.
  • This platform is user-friendly and highly reliable.
  • It is available at a reasonable price.


  • Shopified App is available in Online only. It is Not offered at the hard copy.


I’m so confident that Shopified App is the highly-recommended drop shipping platform that allows you to manage and scale your Shopify drop shipping business. It is the right combination of the Chrome Extension and Web Application make sure to add products to your shopify store in the single click. This online platform will work hard for you and also grow your business. It provides you with the 30-day money back guarantee. So grab this opportunity to get awesome business.