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If you want a real high-quality AM / FM-radio, which you can pick up the station in a remote area, then the Kaito Pocket Radio is an exact product for you. It comes with the super slim size with super quality schemes built in, this radio makes you believe that Kaito is a major manufacturer of radios, you can compare this with any such radio on the market, it is Kaito handheld radio is simply better than any of them. It’s good for the sport and travel. This tiny silver box is so strong … It can add years to your life in an accident. This incredible radio is one of the smallest, most powerful survival radios on the market. This may well be one of the greatest survival tools ever created. Kaito pocket radio is more powerful than you think.

What is Kaito Pocket Radio?

Kaito created the KA-208 Kaito Pocket Radio so people could finally have an ultra-light and super-powerful radio. Truth be told Kaito’s Kaito Pocket Radio is a miracle of modern invention. At one time making this kind of radio would have been impossible. But thanks to their hard work and clever design that’s no longer true. People are enthusiastic about the easy and portable radio Kaito created. Yes, it’s small … but only because it fits in the palm of your hand does not mean that it can not save your life! The fact is, once you see all of the amazing things Kaito Pocket Radio can do you are going to be shocked by what you see. For many years, in-the-know survivalists buy Kaito radio. This is because Kaito makes some of the best radio stations in the world. Their radios are ideal for survival, as they will receive signals in any weather and will last a lifetime.


Aspects of Kaito Pocket Radio:

When people begin to die, what would you do? If you were smart enough to think about the future you would buy a radio for this exact moment. Kaito Pocket Radio is the exact product. Owning the battery radio survive in a crisis allows practically “predict the future”. Unless the Force in the television news does not work, and all that had gone to hell in a hand-made basket of the radio will continue to keep you informed. With the survival of the radio, you will hear things that others are desperate to know. Navy Seals … rescue workers … … FBI agents, police officers and many other people in dangerous jobs are using the radio every day.

This “Silver Box” Can Save Your Life:

Reason 1: To own a radio isn’t so you can hunker down in the middle of the woods and use it to figure out what’s going on around you.

Reason 2: To own a radio now is so you get advanced warning about potential tragedies before it’s too late! With that information, you’ll be able to react before everyone else does…

If you want to have the right radio … It must have some features that are light weight, wear it will not make you tired enough to stop the move. It must be powerful too so that even the most powerful weak signals are received loud and clear. Plus it should be incredibly easy to use, durable enough to survive the crisis, sounds great, and it will work without problems. Well, Kaito Pocket Radio meets all these needs and more!

What Will You Get From Kaito Pocket Radio?

Incredibly Lightweight: This radio is light weight. In a survival situation, the heavier something is the harder it is to carry. Since your radio only weighs 3.6 oz. Your body will never feel the negative effects of carrying it…no matter how far you travel!

So Easy to Use: The easier something is to use, the better it is for survival. Your radio is so easy to use, it’s hard to believe. Just turn it on, set it and survive!

Super Powerful: It is built with modern electronics Kaito your pocket radio will catch on the signal from the air with ease. This means that you will never have to worry about important information does not make it to you when you need it most.

Durable: Use your radio confidently in any situation knowing it’ll stand up to abuse. Industrial grade components help ensure your radio will be there to use no matter what’s going on around you.

Multipurpose: With the help of this Kaito Pocket Radio you can find out if troops are moving into your town to impose martial law. You will discover which roads have been knocked out, so you know the right ones to take. You can learn about disease outbreaks and where they’re headed so you don’t get sick. The ad you can hear what other preppers in the area are doing so you can team-up or breakaway and so much more.

How Special This Kaito Pocket Radio?

This miniature radio more powerful than you think, Kaito Pocket Radio is really small. The same size as a credit card (and only ⅞ of an inch thick), it’s one of the smallest radio on the market. This featherweight too. Weighing 2.8 oz. without batteries (3.6 oz. with) it weighs a fraction of what other survival radios weigh. Even though it’s small it’s still powerful enough to save your life. Recent advances in technology mean advanced radio electronics are packed into this tiny unit. With full AM/FM tuning of 530 – 1710 kHz (AM) and 88.1 – 108.1 MHz (FM) valuable information sent your way will be easy to hear. Set the alarm clock function to remind you when to take medication, wake up, or to perform urgent tasks of survival. Amazingly Kaito also included a 3-fold telescopic antenna to the radio, that is not around the signal not to be missed. Plus Kaito Pocket Radio is so easy to use, even a monkey can get it to work.

How To Use This Kaito Pocket Radio?

If a monkey knew English it could use the Kaito Kaito Pocket Radio to survive (maybe). That’s because it’s so easy to use. First of all reliable radio tuning controls are on the side for fine tuning. With perfect cut fingernail cutouts, set setting acts like a rocket heat trying to find the station you want in a crisis. Volume control is just as easy. The dedicated disk will help you to hear the information. The built-in speaker is loud too. But if you do not want others to hear what you hear out the plug in the headphones and tested, you can hear perfectly. This remarkable radio also has an integrated digital LCD display, which clearly shows the station and time. Plus switch between AM and FM is as easy as pressing a button. So what turns it on and off. An additional advantage of this radio it requires a firm press to activate or deactivate. This feature helps to eliminate you accidentally turn it on and killing the battery. And if we talk about the design … you’re going to be amazed at the skill of the radio.


  • EMP Survival Guide
  • Backup Energy Plan Guide
  • Sold Out After Crisis



  • Kaito Pocket Radio is incredibly easy it is specially made of durable molded plastic.
  • Since the radio was developed by an expert, this means that you can use it in a variety of conditions and expect it to work without any problems.
  • Throw it in the dirt, caught using it in the rain, and he will take the licking and keep on ticking.
  • This radio is incredibly small and has a surprisingly good sound for an external speaker.
  • Battery life on Kaito Pocket Radio is outstanding.
  • Kaito Pocket Radio comes with a customer care support.


  • Kaito Pocket Radio is available in online only.


Overall I strongly recommend this product for everyone.. The Kaito Pocket Radio is so powerful and so small, people which are already own expensive radios survival buy them. This radio is a sure hit for someone who is looking for a simple and stylish portable radio to listen to their favorite radio program. In addition, you can keep up to date with the latest news, weather, traffic, sports scores, and much more with this ultra-portable handheld radio from Kaito. If you claim your discounted Kaito pocket radio today! Remember that radio is supplied with “Extra American guarantee.” Thus, even if you do not like the radio and decided to send it back to an instant load bonuses for you to keep forever. To get all that right now, just click the Big Orange button. Do not wait, do it now!


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